September 29, 2022

Easing Back Into Your Social Life

Let’s face it, it’s been a weird year…and a half. We are all excited about getting back into social habits and visiting with friends. But going from couch potato to life of the party can make you feel anxious.

Here are our tips for easing back into the best social lifestyle for you:

Take baby steps: Nobody is expecting you to go from sitting at home for a year to planning a social event for every night of the week. Plan a few social outings that you are excited about to get you back out into the world!

Concentrate on your inner circle: we all have our good friends groups and family (or friends who have become our family!) Make time for the people who matter in your life as a first priority. After your close social group events are established, then pick and choose what other new events or friends you want to open your schedule up for!

It’s ok to say no: you DON’T have to do everything, even if people say you do. If an event doesn’t excite you, you don’t have to go. It might be hard to say no at first but making time for yourself to do what you really want to do will make those nights out even better.

Try something new: You might be overwhelmed at the thought of trying something new. But when you and your friends all do something that nobody in the group has done, it is easier to get out of your comfort zone with people who are still familiar to you. Go floating down a river, go try an escape room, stay at a local Airbnb together instead of your own dorms or apartments for a change of scenery. These new experiences may just end up being your favorite new group activity!



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